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Post by Admin on Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:26 am

Hello dear Runescape Classic players, I have started my RSC adventure back in 2001 and those days I wanted to bring back some of the old memories. Last few days I’ve been working on a new RSC server which I want to be something different from any other RSC servers out. Many thing will be changed in this server and many new things will show up in future updates.

This server will be released in “Chapters” and you will be limited to a maximum level that you can reach and you can just use some weapons and armours that do not exceed the limit imposed by current Chapter.  New Life RSC will be a balanced server with a stable economy. About the XP rates I can't say anything from now because i havent decided yet if i will use real RSC xp or i will code my own XP.

First I cleaned the source of all the items that were not needed. Now I will need to rewrite all items, monsters and NPC's. Name and colors will be changed for most items, npc's and monsters. Drop list for each monster will be rewrite with a tutorial for forum with drop rates expressed in %. We will also have many new things in this server as new weapons and new armors, new amulets, foods and potions.

Some of the new items will be jewels. Added to weapons, armors, amulets, rings and staffs they will increase item power from normal power till +16. To do this you will need all 16 jewels to increase the power of an item to +16. Jewels will be added to the item in order from +1 to +16. Jewels +1, +7 and +12 can be purchased in game with coins, the rest will be purchased only on the game site for a small amount. Note - Jewels cannot be extracted back from items !!!

Map - My plan for this server is to completely change the game map. Thinking about doing something closer to reality encompassing all continents and some islands. Also wilderness will be extended from level 1 to 72.

All the best,
Admin !


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